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Family of Daniel OAKES and Elaine Michelle SPENCER

Husband: Daniel OAKES (1978- )
Wife: Elaine Michelle SPENCER (1979- )
Children: Benjamin Spencer OAKES (2009- )
Olivia Sue OAKES (2010- )
Marriage 9 Aug 2008 Fritton

Husband: Daniel OAKES

Name: Daniel OAKES
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 14 Aug 1978 Great Yarmouth
Occupation CNC operator

Wife: Elaine Michelle SPENCER

Name: Elaine Michelle SPENCER
Sex: Female
Father: Brian David SPENCER (1947- )
Mother: Marilyn WESTON (1947- )
Birth 23 Oct 1979 Great Yarmouth
Occupation school teacher

Child 1: Benjamin Spencer OAKES

Name: Benjamin Spencer OAKES
Sex: Male
Birth 28 Apr 2009 Gorleston

Child 2: Olivia Sue OAKES

Name: Olivia Sue OAKES
Sex: Female
Birth 27 May 2010 Gorleston

Note on Husband: Daniel OAKES

source Marilyn Weston

Note on Wife: Elaine Michelle SPENCER

source Marilyn Weston