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Family of Richard GRAY and Suzanne SPENCER

Husband: Richard GRAY (1969- )
Wife: Suzanne SPENCER (1971- )
Children: Sophie Megan GRAY (2002- )
Charlotte Rose GRAY (2002- )
Marriage 17 Aug 1998 Martham, Norfolk

Husband: Richard GRAY

Name: Richard GRAY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q3 1969 Hartlepool
Occupation computer systems analyst

Wife: Suzanne SPENCER

Name: Suzanne SPENCER
Sex: Female
Father: Brian David SPENCER (1947- )
Mother: Marilyn WESTON (1947- )
Birth 9 Oct 1971 Lewisham
Occupation computer engineer

Child 1: Sophie Megan GRAY

Name: Sophie Megan GRAY
Sex: Female
Birth 16 Sep 2002 Enfield

Child 2: Charlotte Rose GRAY

Name: Charlotte Rose GRAY
Sex: Female
Birth 16 Sep 2002 Enfield

Note on Husband: Richard GRAY

free BMD/Marilyn Weston

Note on Wife: Suzanne SPENCER

source Marilyn Weston