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Nicola SMITH's other families: with Gordon Owen PARRY (1967- ) and Jason Philip Joel BROWNING (1971- )
Nicola SMITH's parents: Gordon SMITH (1943- ) and Marilyn BAKER (1947- )

Family of Stanley Rollo Thomas HITCHIN and Nicola June SMITH

Husband: Stanley Rollo Thomas HITCHIN (1965-1998)
Wife: Nicola June SMITH (1968- )
Children: Abbie Louise HITCHIN (1987- )
Marriage Sep 1985 Broadstairs

Husband: Stanley Rollo Thomas HITCHIN

Name: Stanley Rollo Thomas HITCHIN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 12 Feb 1965 S E London
Death May 1998 (age 33) Margate
Occupation milkman

Wife: Nicola June SMITH

Name: Nicola June SMITH
Sex: Female
Father: Gordon SMITH (1943- )
Mother: Marilyn BAKER (1947- )
Birth 17 Jun 1968 Margate

Child 1: Abbie Louise HITCHIN

Name: Abbie Louise HITCHIN
Sex: Female
Birth 11 May 1987 Margate

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Note on Wife: Nicola June SMITH

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