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Family of Kelvin James HARD and Katharine Anne HARRISON

Husband: Kelvin James HARD (1952- )
Wife: Katharine Anne HARRISON (1965- )
Children: Gabriel James Harrison HARD (2003- )
Amelie Matilda Katharine HARD (2005- )
Status: Unknown

Husband: Kelvin James HARD

Name: Kelvin James HARD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 4 Jul 1952 Usk
Occupation Management Consultant

Wife: Katharine Anne HARRISON

Name: Katharine Anne HARRISON
Sex: Female
Father: Sydney Colin HARRISON (1932- )
Mother: Margaret Anne BIRKETT (1935-1995)
Birth 15 Aug 1965 Maidstone

Child 1: Gabriel James Harrison HARD

Name: Gabriel James Harrison HARD
Sex: Male
Birth 19 Sep 2003 Worcester

Child 2: Amelie Matilda Katharine HARD

Name: Amelie Matilda Katharine HARD
Sex: Female
Birth 18 Jun 2005 Worcester

Note on Husband: Kelvin James HARD

source Katharine Harrison

Note on Wife: Katharine Anne HARRISON

source Katharine Harrison