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Tracy HUCKLE's sister: Siān Lynette HUCKLE (1967- )

Family of Peter BROOKS and Tracy Ann HUCKLE

Husband: Peter BROOKS ( - )
Wife: Tracy Ann HUCKLE (1969- )
Children: Mia BROOKS (1994- )
Ashley BROOKS (1995- )
Marriage 15 Dec 1990 Newport, Mon

Husband: Peter BROOKS

Name: Peter BROOKS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Tracy Ann HUCKLE

Name: Tracy Ann HUCKLE
Sex: Female
Father: Grahame C HUCKLE (1942- )
Mother: Patricia Elizabeth Ann GILLARD (1939- )
Birth 7 Mar 1969 Newport, Mon

Child 1: Mia BROOKS

Name: Mia BROOKS
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Mar 1994 Newport, Mon

Child 2: Ashley BROOKS

Name: Ashley BROOKS
Sex: Male
Birth 5 Aug 1995 Newport, Mon

Note on Marriage

free BMD/Pat Gillard

Note on Husband: Peter BROOKS

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Note on Wife: Tracy Ann HUCKLE

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