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Betty WALTER's brother: Arthur James Henry WALTER (1922- )

Family of Albert Henry DOUGHTY and Betty Ellen F WALTER

Husband: Albert Henry DOUGHTY (1930- )
Wife: Betty Ellen F WALTER (1927- )
Children: Alan Rodney DOUGHTY (1957- )
Eric C DOUGHTY (1959- )
Ivor E DOUGHTY (1960- )
Janet Victoria DOUGHTY (1962- )
Marriage 2 Mar 1957 Bromley

Husband: Albert Henry DOUGHTY

Name: Albert Henry DOUGHTY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q2 1930 Henfield

Wife: Betty Ellen F WALTER

Name: Betty Ellen F WALTER
Sex: Female
Father: Henry James WALTER (1891-1971)
Mother: Nellie Victoria FINNIS (1897-1971)
Birth 5 Mar 1927 St Margarets at Cliffe

Child 1: Alan Rodney DOUGHTY

Name: Alan Rodney DOUGHTY
Sex: Male
Birth 7 Sep 1957 Woolwich Military Hospital

Child 2: Eric C DOUGHTY

Name: Eric C DOUGHTY
Sex: Male
Birth Q2 1959 Aldershot

Child 3: Ivor E DOUGHTY

Name: Ivor E DOUGHTY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susan C WILSON (1960?- )
Birth 12 Jun 1960 Woolwich

Child 4: Janet Victoria DOUGHTY

Name: Janet Victoria DOUGHTY
Sex: Female
Birth Q1 1962 Germany

Note on Marriage

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Note on Husband: Albert Henry DOUGHTY

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Note on Wife: Betty Ellen F WALTER

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