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Julie HARDWIDGE's other family: with unknown spouse

Family of Terrence FIELD and Julie Ann HARDWIDGE

Husband: Terrence FIELD (1948?- )
Wife: Julie Ann HARDWIDGE (1944- )
Children: Brett FIELD (1972- )
Marriage Q1 1972 Eastleigh

Husband: Terrence FIELD

Name: Terrence FIELD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1948 (app) Manchester

Wife: Julie Ann HARDWIDGE

Name: Julie Ann HARDWIDGE
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas Henry HARDWIDGE (1918-2004)
Mother: Evelyn Betty CONSTABLE (1921- )
Birth Q3 1944 Eastleigh
Occupation nurse

Child 1: Brett FIELD

Name: Brett FIELD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Unknown LINE ( - )
Birth 1972 Cyprus

Note on Marriage

free BMD/Graham Whittaker

Note on Husband: Terrence FIELD

source Graham Whittaker

Note on Wife: Julie Ann HARDWIDGE

free BMD/Graham Whittaker