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Alice MARSH's other family: with Arthur J CULVER (1927- )

Family of Reginald H HOWELL and Alice E MARSH

Husband: Reginald H HOWELL (1923- )
Wife: Alice E MARSH (1933-2010)
Children: Andrew Reginald HOWELL (1967- )
Marriage Q2 1968 Thanet

Husband: Reginald H HOWELL

Name: Reginald H HOWELL
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q2 1923 Strood

Wife: Alice E MARSH

Name: Alice E MARSH
Sex: Female
Father: William MARSH (1894-1949)
Mother: Ann Elizabeth FINNIS (1900-1997)
Birth Q2 1933 Cheriton
Death 1 Jul 2010 (age 77) Margate

Child 1: Andrew Reginald HOWELL

Name: Andrew Reginald HOWELL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jeanette ADAMS (1964- )
Birth Q3 1967 Dover

Note on Marriage

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Note on Husband: Reginald H HOWELL

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Note on Wife: Alice E MARSH

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