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Lew FINNIS's mother: Martha Rose FINNIS (1913-1990)
Lew FINNIS's brother: John William FINNIS (1934- )

Family of Lucjon L FINNIS and Suzanne J COX

Husband: Lucjon L FINNIS (1947- )
Wife: Suzanne J COX (1947-2007)
Children: Anna Jacqueline FINNIS (1974- )
Esther Joanne FINNIS (1977- )
Rosemary Jennifer FINNIS (1979- )
Marriage Q2 1972 St Peter's Church, River, Dover

Husband: Lucjon L FINNIS

Name: Lucjon L FINNIS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: Martha Rose FINNIS (1913-1990)
Birth Q3 1947 East Langdon

Wife: Suzanne J COX

Name: Suzanne J COX
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q3 1947 Dover
Death 7 Aug 2007 (age 59-60) Dudley

Child 1: Anna Jacqueline FINNIS

Name: Anna Jacqueline FINNIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Paul John W COLE (1976- )
Birth Feb 1974 RNH Mtarfa, Malta

Child 2: Esther Joanne FINNIS

Name: Esther Joanne FINNIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Gary James BRAILSFORD (1977- )
Birth 22 Apr 1977 RNH Mtarfa, Malta

Child 3: Rosemary Jennifer FINNIS

Name: Rosemary Jennifer FINNIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jean ERWEE ( - )
Birth 13 Mar 1979 BMH Iserlohn , North Rhine-Westphalia

Note on Marriage

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Note on Husband: Lucjon L FINNIS

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