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Daryn TOYER's sister: Julie-Anne Marina TOYER (1970- )

Family of Daryn Edward TOYER and Jane Monique ALVOS

Husband: Daryn Edward TOYER (1966- )
Wife: Jane Monique ALVOS (1970- )
Children: Sian Monique TOYER (1997- )
Olivia Jane TOYER (2000- )
Marriage 28 Jun 1997 Echuca, Australia

Husband: Daryn Edward TOYER

Name: Daryn Edward TOYER
Sex: Male
Father: John TOYER (1941- )
Mother: Eliza Anne SMITH (1940- )
Birth 1966 Ivanhoe, Northern Melbourne

Wife: Jane Monique ALVOS

Name: Jane Monique ALVOS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1970 Holbrook, Australia

Child 1: Sian Monique TOYER

Name: Sian Monique TOYER
Sex: Female
Birth 1997 Bendigo, Australia
Baptism 11 Jan 1998 (age 0-1) Bendigo, Australia

Child 2: Olivia Jane TOYER

Name: Olivia Jane TOYER
Sex: Female
Birth 2000 Bendigo, Australia

Note on Marriage

source Graham Whittaker

Note on Husband: Daryn Edward TOYER

Name changed to Whittaker by deed poll.