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Family of Jason Stuart HALL and Alice Marie ITHIER

Husband: Jason Stuart HALL (1972- )
Wife: Alice Marie ITHIER (1969- )
Children: Ryan Louis HALL (2003- )
Phoebe Marie HALL (2006- )

Husband: Jason Stuart HALL

Name: Jason Stuart HALL
Sex: Male
Father: Robert Alan HALL (1938- )
Mother: Joy Winifred COBB (1938- )
Birth 12 May 1972 Mauritius

Wife: Alice Marie ITHIER

Name: Alice Marie ITHIER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1969 Port Louis, Mauritius

Child 1: Ryan Louis HALL

Name: Ryan Louis HALL
Sex: Male
Birth Nov 2003 Bristol

Child 2: Phoebe Marie HALL

Name: Phoebe Marie HALL
Sex: Female
Birth 2006 Bristol

Note on Marriage

source Gillian Mullan

Note on Husband: Jason Stuart HALL

source Gillian Mullan