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Oliver MULLAN's brother: Daniel James MULLAN (1983- )

Family of Oliver James MULLAN and Deborah Jean WILLIAMS

Husband: Oliver James MULLAN (1980- )
Wife: Deborah Jean WILLIAMS (1983?- )
Children: Harry Oliver MULLAN (2007- )

Husband: Oliver James MULLAN

Name: Oliver James MULLAN
Sex: Male
Father: James Patrick MULLAN (1946- )
Mother: Gillian Margaret COBB (1952- )
Birth 20 Jun 1980 Odstock Hospital, Salisbury
Occupation chemical engineer

Wife: Deborah Jean WILLIAMS

Name: Deborah Jean WILLIAMS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1983 (app) Wales

Child 1: Harry Oliver MULLAN

Name: Harry Oliver MULLAN
Sex: Male
Birth 24 Apr 2007 Singleton Hospital, Swansea

Note on Marriage

source Gillian Mullan

Note on Husband: Oliver James MULLAN

source Gillian Mullan