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Agnes CONSTABLE's other family: with Thomas Pierce PALMER (1887- )

Family of Sydney Evan JONES and Agnes Mabel CONSTABLE

Husband: Sydney Evan JONES (1878- )
Wife: Agnes Mabel CONSTABLE (1883- )
Children: Sydney Richard JONES (1905-1986)
Status: Divorced
Marriage Q4 1904 Dover

Husband: Sydney Evan JONES

Name: Sydney Evan JONES
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q3 1878 Lewisham

Wife: Agnes Mabel CONSTABLE

Name: Agnes Mabel CONSTABLE
Sex: Female
Father: John Richard CONSTABLE (1843-1926)
Mother: Alice A UNKNOWN (1844?-1928)
Birth Q2 1883 Buckland

Child 1: Sydney Richard JONES

Name: Sydney Richard JONES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rose Catherine HAMILL (1905- )
Birth 7 Nov 1905 Dover
Death Jun 1986 (age 80) Dover

Note on Husband: Sydney Evan JONES

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Note on Wife: Agnes Mabel CONSTABLE (1)

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Note on Wife: Agnes Mabel CONSTABLE (2)

Not in 1911 census.