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Family of Henry Robert HAYLES and Edith Mary CONSTABLE

Husband: Henry Robert HAYLES (1866?- )
Wife: Edith Mary CONSTABLE (1871- )
Children: Henry Robert HAYLES (1896-1980)
George Edward HAYLES (1898-1915)
Richard John HAYLES (1900-1917)
Alfred Westwaters HAYLES (1891-1916)
Margaret Edith HAYLES (1893- )
Dorothy HAYLES (1894-1970)
Bernard Edwin HAYLES (1903-1982)
Marriage Q1 1891 Elham

Husband: Henry Robert HAYLES

Name: Henry Robert HAYLES
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1866 (est) Newcastle upon Tyne
Occupation painter

Wife: Edith Mary CONSTABLE

Name: Edith Mary CONSTABLE
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas Edward CONSTABLE (1845-1922)
Mother: Emma BROWN (1850-1927)
Birth Q1 1871 Newington-Next-Hythe

Child 1: Henry Robert HAYLES

Name: Henry Robert HAYLES
Sex: Male
Birth 22 Jan 1896 Elham
Death Q1 1980 (age 83-84) Gloucester

Child 2: George Edward HAYLES

Name: George Edward HAYLES
Sex: Male
Birth Q1 1898 Elham
Death 7 Feb 1915 (age 16-17) WW2
Occupation Bugler, Royal Engineers

Child 3: Richard John HAYLES

Name: Richard John HAYLES
Sex: Male
Birth 3 Jan 1900 Elham
Death 9 Jul 1917 (age 17) at sea (HMS Vanguard)
Occupation boy sailor

Child 4: Alfred Westwaters HAYLES

Name: Alfred Westwaters HAYLES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lydia Charlotte A CHESTER (1890-1961)
Birth Q3 1891 Sunderland
Occupation painter
Death 2 Mar 1916 (age 24) Nord (France)

Child 5: Margaret Edith HAYLES

Name: Margaret Edith HAYLES
Sex: Female
Spouse: Alfred RAM (1897- )
Birth 1893 Currage, Ireland
Occupation General Domestic (1911)

Child 6: Dorothy HAYLES

Name: Dorothy HAYLES
Sex: Female
Spouse: Samuel REEVE (1903-1956)
Birth 20 Feb 1894 Curragh, Ireland
Occupation House Maid, School (1911)
Death 28 Jan 1970 (age 75) Wisbech
Burial 28 Jan 1970 All Saints Church, Walsoken, Wisbech

Child 7: Bernard Edwin HAYLES

Name: Bernard Edwin HAYLES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Doris Rhoda ROBERTS (1906-1982)
Birth 12 Feb 1903 Hythe
Death Q2 1982 (age 79) Maidstone

Note on Husband: Henry Robert HAYLES

census 1911 (living at The Grove, Dymchurch)

Note on Wife: Edith Mary CONSTABLE (1)

free BMD/census 1881

Note on Wife: Edith Mary CONSTABLE (2)

1911 at The Grove, Dymchurch.