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Family of Charles Edward EGERTON and Mary Henrietta PATTEN

Husband: Charles Edward EGERTON (1949- )
Wife: Mary Henrietta PATTEN (1951- )
Children: Alice Diana EGERTON (1977- )
Jack Paul EGERTON (1979- )
Felicity Jane EGERTON (1982- )
Marriage 4 Aug 1973 Kensington

Husband: Charles Edward EGERTON

Name: Charles Edward EGERTON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 3 Sep 1949 Southampton

Wife: Mary Henrietta PATTEN

Name: Mary Henrietta PATTEN
Sex: Female
Father: Hubert Paul Frederick PATTEN (1920?- )
Mother: Evelyn Joyce MANSER (1920- )
Birth 9 Aug 1951 Netherlands

Child 1: Alice Diana EGERTON

Name: Alice Diana EGERTON
Sex: Female
Birth 12 Mar 1977 Sydney

Child 2: Jack Paul EGERTON

Name: Jack Paul EGERTON
Sex: Male
Birth 3 Oct 1979 Carlisle

Child 3: Felicity Jane EGERTON

Name: Felicity Jane EGERTON
Sex: Female
Birth 7 Oct 1982 Carlisle

Note on Marriage

free BMD/Louise Simmons

Note on Husband: Charles Edward EGERTON

free BMD/Louise Simmons

Note on Wife: Mary Henrietta PATTEN

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