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Family of Eric RHODES and Ethel Elizabeth BARBER

Husband: Eric RHODES (1889-1965)
Wife: Ethel Elizabeth BARBER (1891-1978)
Children: Kenneth W RHODES (1917- )
Marion RHODES (1920- )
Marriage 14 Aug 1914 Stanley Street Wesleyan Chapel, Openshaw

Husband: Eric RHODES

Name: Eric RHODES
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q3 1889 Chorlton
Death 1965 (age 75-76)

Wife: Ethel Elizabeth BARBER

Name: Ethel Elizabeth BARBER
Sex: Female
Father: Adam Francis BARBER (1845-1926)
Mother: Elizabeth Ann FOAD (1851-1933)
Birth 4 Jun 1891 91 Lees Street, Openshaw
Death 1978 (age 86-87)
Occupation dressmaker (1911)

Child 1: Kenneth W RHODES

Name: Kenneth W RHODES
Sex: Male
Birth Q3 1917 Chorlton

Child 2: Marion RHODES

Name: Marion RHODES
Sex: Female
Birth Q2 1920 Chorlton

Note on Wife: Ethel Elizabeth BARBER (1)

free BMD/census 1901/Eric Rhodes

Note on Wife: Ethel Elizabeth BARBER (2)

1911 at 91 Lees St, Hr Openshaw, Manchester.