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Family of Robert DAVIS and Emily Dixon MERCER

Husband: Robert DAVIS (1845?- )
Wife: Emily Dixon MERCER (1847-1934)
Children: Winifred E DAVIS (1873?- )
Edith M DAVIS (1874?- )
Emily E DAVIS (1876?- )
Florence M DAVIS (1879?- )
Alice M DAVIS (1881?- )
Robert Thomas DAVIS (1882- )
Beatrice DAVIS (1884?- )
Margaret E DAVIS (1886?- )
Marriage Q3 1871 Bermondsey

Husband: Robert DAVIS

Name: Robert DAVIS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1845 (app) Coventry
Occupation Butcher Journeyman (1911)

Wife: Emily Dixon MERCER

Name: Emily Dixon MERCER
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas MERCER (1803-1863)
Mother: Emily DIXON (1806?-1851)
Birth Q3 1847 Bermondsey
Death Q3 1934 (age 86-87) Lewisham

Child 1: Winifred E DAVIS

Name: Winifred E DAVIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1873 (app) Bermondsey

Child 2: Edith M DAVIS

Name: Edith M DAVIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1874 (app) Bermondsey

Child 3: Emily E DAVIS

Name: Emily E DAVIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1876 (app) Bermondsey

Child 4: Florence M DAVIS

Name: Florence M DAVIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1879 (app) Bermondsey

Child 5: Alice M DAVIS

Name: Alice M DAVIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Pembroke William Hooper CHALLENOR (1880-1962)
Birth 1881 (app) Bermondsey

Child 6: Robert Thomas DAVIS

Name: Robert Thomas DAVIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Maud Emily BRADDY (1883- )
Birth Q1 1882 Bermondsey
Occupation Butcher (1911)

Child 7: Beatrice DAVIS

Name: Beatrice DAVIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1884 (app) Deptford
Occupation Drapers Assistant (1911)

Child 8: Margaret E DAVIS

Name: Margaret E DAVIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1886 (app) Deptford

Note on Marriage

1911 at 60 Etta St, Deptford.

Note on Husband: Robert DAVIS

free BMD/census 1881

Note on Wife: Emily Dixon MERCER

free BMD/census 1861