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Family of Arthur Albert FINNIS and Ellen Louisa COLEMAN

Husband: Arthur Albert FINNIS (1857-1940)
Wife: Ellen Louisa COLEMAN (1868-1952)
Children: Arthur Albert FINNIS (1892-1915)
James Ernest Edward FINNIS (1894-1948)
Thomas Charles FINNIS (1895-1970)
Nellie Victoria FINNIS (1897-1971)
Harry William FINNIS (1899-1986)
Marriage 5 Apr 1890 Dover

Husband: Arthur Albert FINNIS

Name: Arthur Albert FINNIS 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: James FINNIS (1831-1909)
Mother: Ann Elizabeth MEDLOW (1833?-1899)
Birth 28 Oct 1857 East Langdon
Baptism 10 Jan 1858 (age 0) St Augustine, East Langdon
Occupation Groom (1901), later Royal Artillery.; Groom (1901), later Royal Artillery.
Death Q2 1940 (age 82) Eastry

Wife: Ellen Louisa COLEMAN

Name: Ellen Louisa COLEMAN 1,3
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 24 Oct 1868 Deal
Death Q1 1952 (age 83) Dover

Child 1: Arthur Albert FINNIS

Name: Arthur Albert FINNIS 1,4
Sex: Male
Birth Q4 1892 East Langdon
Death 7 Oct 1915 (age 22-23) France

Child 2: James Ernest Edward FINNIS

Name: James Ernest Edward FINNIS 1,3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jessie Winfred JENKINS (1893-1966)
Birth Q3 1894 East Langdon
Occupation soldier (1911); Bricklayer's Labourer
Death Q1 1948 (age 53) Dover

Child 3: Thomas Charles FINNIS

Name: Thomas Charles FINNIS 1,3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edith May JOHNSON (1895-1977)
Birth 9 Nov 1895 East Langdon
Death Q1 1970 (age 74) Dover
Occupation Valet Domestic (1911); Lorry Driver

Child 4: Nellie Victoria FINNIS

Name: Nellie Victoria FINNIS 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry James WALTER (1891-1971)
Birth 22 Sep 1897 East Langdon
Death 9 Nov 1971 (age 74) Deal

Child 5: Harry William FINNIS

Name: Harry William FINNIS 1,3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth BURNELL (1900?-1952)
Birth 9 Aug 1899 East Langdon
Death Mar 1986 (age 86) Dover

Note on Husband: Arthur Albert FINNIS (1)

Alan Doughty/free BMD/marriage certificate

Note on Husband: Arthur Albert FINNIS (2)

1911 at 3 Park St. Deal (farm labourer). Resided after WW1 at Wheatsheaf Cottage, Martin, East Langdon.

Note on Wife: Ellen Louisa COLEMAN

birth certificate/free BMD


1"File (merged): D:\my docs\Finnis family tree\Finnis Gedcom.ged". Record originated in...
2Alan Doughty/free BMD
3free BMD
4free BMD/War Graves Commn