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Henry SPAIN's other family: with Jessie SPAIN (1858- )

Family of Henry Michael SPAIN and Mary Ann GARBUTT

Husband: Henry Michael SPAIN (1835-1919)
Wife: Mary Ann GARBUTT (1839-1881)
Children: Horace Michael SPAIN (1871-1885)
Henry George G SPAIN (1866- )
Alfred Garbutt SPAIN (1869-1889)
Marriage Q3 1865 Hull

Husband: Henry Michael SPAIN

Name: Henry Michael SPAIN 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: George SPAIN (1807-1889)
Mother: Mary Clements SMITH (1812?-1879)
Baptism 13 Dec 0000 (age -1836--1835 (!)) Dover
Birth 1835 Dover
Occupation -; Licenced Grocer
Death Q3 1919 (age 83-84) Dover

Wife: Mary Ann GARBUTT

Name: Mary Ann GARBUTT 1,3
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q1 1839 Hull
Death Q3 1881 (age 42) Eastbourne

Child 1: Horace Michael SPAIN

Name: Horace Michael SPAIN 1,3
Sex: Male
Birth Q2 1871 Hackney
Death Q4 1885 (age 14) Eastbourne

Child 2: Henry George G SPAIN

Name: Henry George G SPAIN 1,3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Julia Emily ROGERS (1870- )
Birth Q3 1866 Hackney

Child 3: Alfred Garbutt SPAIN

Name: Alfred Garbutt SPAIN 1,3
Sex: Male
Birth Q3 1869 Hackney
Death Q3 1889 (age 19-20) Eastbourne

Note on Husband: Henry Michael SPAIN (1)


Note on Husband: Henry Michael SPAIN (2)

1911 at 275 Folkestone Road, Dover.

Note on Wife: Mary Ann GARBUTT

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