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Family of Thomas Edward FINNIS and Florence Ellen MALLARD

Husband: Thomas Edward FINNIS (1886- )
Wife: Florence Ellen MALLARD (1888-1972)
Children: Constance E FINNIS (1912-1997)
Walter FINNIS (1911-1911)
Jack Austin FINNIS (1920-2003)
Marriage Q2 1911 Uxbridge

Husband: Thomas Edward FINNIS

Name: Thomas Edward FINNIS 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Richard Henry FINNIS (1863- )
Mother: Emma Fanny MULLENGER (1863- )
Birth Q2 1886 Fulham
Occupation joiner machinist

Wife: Florence Ellen MALLARD

Name: Florence Ellen MALLARD 1,2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 7 May 1888 Christchurch
Death Q3 1972 (age 84) Ealing

Child 1: Constance E FINNIS

Name: Constance E FINNIS 1,2
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Lennie REID (1901-1976)
Birth Q3 1912 Brentford
Death Sep 1997 (age 84-85) Southend on Sea

Child 2: Walter FINNIS

Name: Walter FINNIS 1,2
Sex: Male
Birth Q3 1911 Brentford
Death Q3 1911 (age -1-0 (!)) Brentford

Child 3: Jack Austin FINNIS

Name: Jack Austin FINNIS 1,2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Stella M SADLER (1923-1987)
Birth 23 Jan 1920 Uxbridge
Death Jun 2003 (age 83) Torridge

Note on Husband: Thomas Edward FINNIS (1)

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Note on Husband: Thomas Edward FINNIS (2)

Shown as Edward on 1891 census. 1901 at 2 Beverley Road, Southall. 1911 at 3 Beverley Road, Southall.

Note on Husband: Thomas Edward FINNIS (3)

No death record found.

Note on Wife: Florence Ellen MALLARD

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