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Family of Basil James GROSS and Dorothy Margaret JENKINSON

Husband: Basil James GROSS (1882- )
Wife: Dorothy Margaret JENKINSON (1895-1961)
Children: Annette Rosalie GROSS (1923- )
Patricia Alice M GROSS (1919-1981)
Marriage Q2 1918 Romford

Husband: Basil James GROSS

Name: Basil James GROSS 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q2 1882 Sudbury

Wife: Dorothy Margaret JENKINSON

Name: Dorothy Margaret JENKINSON 1,3
Sex: Female
Father: Edward Llewellyn JENKINSON (1867- )
Mother: Margaret Annie HOPPER (1867- )
Birth Q3 1895 Brixton
Death Q4 1961 (age 66) Brentwood

Child 1: Annette Rosalie GROSS

Name: Annette Rosalie GROSS 1,2
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Arthur FOWLER (1919- )
Birth Q3 1923 Romford

Child 2: Patricia Alice M GROSS

Name: Patricia Alice M GROSS 1,2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ernest OSBORN (1919?- )
Birth Q1 1919 Romford
Death Q1 1981 (age 61-62) Southend on Sea

Note on Husband: Basil James GROSS

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Note on Wife: Dorothy Margaret JENKINSON (1)

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Note on Wife: Dorothy Margaret JENKINSON (2)

1911 at Willowbone, Isabel Road, Hornchurch.


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