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Steven FINNIS's other family: with Karen R ALLEN (1960- )
Steven FINNIS's sister: Susan FINNIS (1958- )

Family of Steven W FINNIS and Marie BAILEY

Husband: Steven W FINNIS (1962- )
Wife: Marie BAILEY (1961- )
Children: Cian William FINNIS (2000- )
Liam Brien FINNIS (2002- )
Marriage May 2004 Sutton

Husband: Steven W FINNIS

Name: Steven W FINNIS
Sex: Male
Father: William C FINNIS (1916- )
Mother: Patricia R TUTTON (1916?- )
Birth Q1 1962 Surrey South Western

Wife: Marie BAILEY

Name: Marie BAILEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q4 1961 Ealing

Child 1: Cian William FINNIS

Name: Cian William FINNIS
Sex: Male
Birth Sep 2000 Sutton

Child 2: Liam Brien FINNIS

Name: Liam Brien FINNIS
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 2002 Sutton

Note on Husband: Steven W FINNIS

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