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Family of Lawrence H G REEVE and Elizabeth A BROWN

Husband: Lawrence H G REEVE (1936- )
Wife: Elizabeth A BROWN (1940- )
Children: Sharon T REEVE (1965- )
Kathleen Rose REEVE (1969- )
Paula Ann REEVE (1972- )
Marriage Q4 1962 Wisbech

Husband: Lawrence H G REEVE

Name: Lawrence H G REEVE
Sex: Male
Father: Samuel REEVE (1903-1956)
Mother: Dorothy HAYLES (1894-1970)
Birth Q2 1936 Wisbech

Wife: Elizabeth A BROWN

Name: Elizabeth A BROWN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q3 1940 Newmarket

Child 1: Sharon T REEVE

Name: Sharon T REEVE
Sex: Female
Birth Q3 1965 Wisbech

Child 2: Kathleen Rose REEVE

Name: Kathleen Rose REEVE
Sex: Female
Birth Q2 1969 Wisbech

Child 3: Paula Ann REEVE

Name: Paula Ann REEVE
Sex: Female
Birth Q4 1972 Wisbech

Note on Husband: Lawrence H G REEVE

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Note on Wife: Elizabeth A BROWN

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