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Anastasia FINNIS's other family: with Taylor HEWLETT (1986- )

Family of Diego Miguel ARAVENA and Anastasia Dawn FINNIS

Husband: Diego Miguel ARAVENA (1980- )
Wife: Anastasia Dawn FINNIS (1978- )
Children: Lexie Bryce ARAVENA-FINNIS (2012- )
Marriage 25 Jun 2011

Husband: Diego Miguel ARAVENA

Name: Diego Miguel ARAVENA
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 3 Nov 1980 Victoria, BC

Wife: Anastasia Dawn FINNIS

Name: Anastasia Dawn FINNIS 1,2
Sex: Female
Father: David Wilmot FINNIS (1942- )
Mother: Sheila Dawn BRYCE (1944- )
Birth 1 Jun 1978 Port Elgin

Child 1: Lexie Bryce ARAVENA-FINNIS

Name: Lexie Bryce ARAVENA-FINNIS
Sex: Female
Birth 16 Mar 2012 Victoria, BC

Note on Husband: Diego Miguel ARAVENA

source Eric Finnis

Note on Wife: Anastasia Dawn FINNIS

Anastasia & Taylor did not become lasting partners.


1"File (merged): D:\my docs\Finnis family tree\Finnis Gedcom.ged". Record originated in...
2Fredk H Finnis