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Family of David Mears PATON and Margaret Isobel GOULDEN

Husband: David Mears PATON (1920-2010)
Wife: Margaret Isobel GOULDEN (1925- )
Children: Gilda Margaret PATON (1948- )
Robert Andrew PATON (1953- )
Marriage 23 Aug 1947 Barham

Husband: David Mears PATON

Name: David Mears PATON
Sex: Male
Father: George Wallace PATON (1898-1978)
Mother: Emily Elizabeth MEARS (1896-1955)
Birth 30 Oct 1920 Arbroath
Occupation postman
Death 26 Apr 2010 (age 89) Gillingham

Wife: Margaret Isobel GOULDEN

Name: Margaret Isobel GOULDEN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 20 Jul 1925 London

Child 1: Gilda Margaret PATON

Name: Gilda Margaret PATON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Colin HORTON (1948- )
Birth 10 Nov 1948 Barham
Occupation hospital administrator

Child 2: Robert Andrew PATON

Name: Robert Andrew PATON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Marion Christine SCHUMI (1949-1991)
Birth 1 Dec 1953 Barham
Occupation school teacher

Note on Husband: David Mears PATON

source Gilda Horton

Note on Wife: Margaret Isobel GOULDEN

source Gilda Horton