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Thomas FINNIS's other family: with Pamela V WHITE (1944?- )
Thomas FINNIS's sister: Irene E FINNIS (1935- )

Family of Thomas Ronald FINNIS and Lynne Rae MOGFORD

Husband: Thomas Ronald FINNIS (1944- )
Wife: Lynne Rae MOGFORD (1948- )
Children: Sacha Rae FINNIS (1982- )
Perri Robyn FINNIS (1984- )
Status: Divorced
Marriage 28 Nov 1981 Harrow

Husband: Thomas Ronald FINNIS

Name: Thomas Ronald FINNIS 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Frederick John FINNIS (1907-1995)
Mother: Mary Grace M HARROLD (1906-1998)
Birth Q3 1944 Willesden

Wife: Lynne Rae MOGFORD

Name: Lynne Rae MOGFORD
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1 Jan 1948 Coatbridge

Child 1: Sacha Rae FINNIS

Name: Sacha Rae FINNIS
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Jun 1982 California

Child 2: Perri Robyn FINNIS

Name: Perri Robyn FINNIS
Sex: Female
Birth 29 May 1984 Chichester

Note on Husband: Thomas Ronald FINNIS (1)

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Note on Husband: Thomas Ronald FINNIS (2)

Divorced from Pamela White 1970. Divorced from Lynne Bevan 11 Feb 2008.

Note on Wife: Lynne Rae MOGFORD (1)

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Note on Wife: Lynne Rae MOGFORD (2)

Maiden name Mogford.


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