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Graham FINNIS's sister: Lesley A FINNIS (1959- )

Family of Graham P FINNIS and Sandra J BLAKE

Husband: Graham P FINNIS (1964- )
Wife: Sandra J BLAKE (1964- )
Children: Gayle Rosanna FINNIS (1996- )
Marriage 2 Nov 1994 Mauritius

Husband: Graham P FINNIS

Name: Graham P FINNIS
Sex: Male
Father: Graham Leslie FINNIS (1935- )
Mother: Valerie A YOUNG (1934- )
Birth Q4 1964 Startforth
Occupation farrier

Wife: Sandra J BLAKE

Name: Sandra J BLAKE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 2 Jun 1964 Aylesbury

Child 1: Gayle Rosanna FINNIS

Name: Gayle Rosanna FINNIS
Sex: Female
Birth 16 Mar 1996 Aylesbury

Note on Husband: Graham P FINNIS

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Note on Wife: Sandra J BLAKE

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