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Family of Neil Patrick MCGUIRE and Brenda Maria CHARLTON

Husband: Neil Patrick MCGUIRE (1952?- )
Wife: Brenda Maria CHARLTON (1953- )
Children: Kelly Therese MCGUIRE (1974- )
Stephen Patrick MCGUIRE (1976- )
Scott Terrence MCGUIRE (1978- )
Christopher John MCGUIRE (1980- )

Husband: Neil Patrick MCGUIRE

Name: Neil Patrick MCGUIRE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1952 (app) Lismore, NSW

Wife: Brenda Maria CHARLTON

Name: Brenda Maria CHARLTON
Sex: Female
Father: Gordon Francis CHARLTON (1927-1995)
Mother: Coral Theresa JAMES (1931- )
Birth 1 Jan 1953 Maitland, NSW

Child 1: Kelly Therese MCGUIRE

Name: Kelly Therese MCGUIRE
Sex: Female
Birth 10 Nov 1974 Newcastle, NSW

Child 2: Stephen Patrick MCGUIRE

Name: Stephen Patrick MCGUIRE
Sex: Male
Birth 5 Jun 1976 Newcastle, NSW

Child 3: Scott Terrence MCGUIRE

Name: Scott Terrence MCGUIRE
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Jul 1978 Newcastle, NSW

Child 4: Christopher John MCGUIRE

Name: Christopher John MCGUIRE
Sex: Male
Birth 13 Sep 1980 Newcastle, NSW

Note on Husband: Neil Patrick MCGUIRE

source Helen Crow

Note on Wife: Brenda Maria CHARLTON

source Helen Crow