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Family of Stanley David BELL and Kathleen Elaine KNIGHT

Husband: Stanley David BELL (1931- )
Wife: Kathleen Elaine KNIGHT (1933?- )
Children: Robert BELL (1952?- )
Linda BELL (1952?- )
Diana BELL (1954?- )
Marriage 1950 New Lambton, NSW

Husband: Stanley David BELL

Name: Stanley David BELL
Sex: Male
Father: William BELL (1907- )
Mother: Beatrice Jane CHARLTON (1907-1968)
Birth 24 Jan 1931 Newcastle, NSW

Wife: Kathleen Elaine KNIGHT

Name: Kathleen Elaine KNIGHT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1933 (app) NSW

Child 1: Robert BELL

Name: Robert BELL
Sex: Male
Birth 1952 (app) NSW

Child 2: Linda BELL

Name: Linda BELL
Sex: Female
Birth 1952 (app) NSW

Child 3: Diana BELL

Name: Diana BELL
Sex: Female
Birth 1954 (app) NSW

Note on Husband: Stanley David BELL

source Harry Lee

Note on Wife: Kathleen Elaine KNIGHT

source Harry Lee