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Family of Anthony Dennis PAINE and Jennifer Ellen CLARKE

Husband: Anthony Dennis PAINE (1960- )
Wife: Jennifer Ellen CLARKE (1959- )
Children: John Roderick PAINE (1986- )
Emma Louise PAINE (1987- )
Kelly Anne PAINE (1989- )
Status: Unknown

Husband: Anthony Dennis PAINE

Name: Anthony Dennis PAINE
Sex: Male
Father: Reginald Alan PAINE (1940?- )
Mother: Dawn Emily SHIELDS (1942- )
Birth 24 Sep 1960 NSW

Wife: Jennifer Ellen CLARKE

Name: Jennifer Ellen CLARKE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 14 Sep 1959 Geraldton, Western Australia

Child 1: John Roderick PAINE

Name: John Roderick PAINE
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Feb 1986 Geraldton, Western Australia

Child 2: Emma Louise PAINE

Name: Emma Louise PAINE
Sex: Female
Birth 18 Sep 1987 Newcastle, NSW

Child 3: Kelly Anne PAINE

Name: Kelly Anne PAINE
Sex: Female
Birth 7 Aug 1989 Geraldton, Western Australia

Note on Husband: Anthony Dennis PAINE

source Harry Lee

Note on Wife: Jennifer Ellen CLARKE

source Harry Lee