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Family of Kenneth John CHARLTON and Grace PARKES

Husband: Kenneth John CHARLTON (1922-1994)
Wife: Grace PARKES (1925-2002)
Children: Malcolm John CHARLTON (1945-1945)
Trevor CHARLTON (1955-1998)
Marriage 27 Oct 1944 Stockton, NSW

Husband: Kenneth John CHARLTON

Name: Kenneth John CHARLTON
Sex: Male
Father: Edward Henry CHARLTON (1898-1963)
Mother: Rose Pearl BLANCH (1897-1951)
Birth 29 Dec 1922 Mayfield, NSW
Death 2 Nov 1994 (age 71) Queensland

Wife: Grace PARKES

Name: Grace PARKES
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 12 Dec 1925
Death 2002 (age 76-77) Queensland

Child 1: Malcolm John CHARLTON

Name: Malcolm John CHARLTON
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Aug 1945 Newcastle, NSW
Death 22 Aug 1945 (age 0) Newcastle, NSW

Child 2: Trevor CHARLTON

Name: Trevor CHARLTON
Sex: Male
Birth 13 Jul 1955 Gyra, NSW
Death 1998 (age 42-43) Queensland

Note on Husband: Kenneth John CHARLTON

source Julia Banyer

Note on Wife: Grace PARKES

source Julia Banyer