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Family of Alfred William Alan JINKS and Iris Kathleen CHARLTON

Husband: Alfred William Alan JINKS (1910-1973)
Wife: Iris Kathleen CHARLTON (1916-2009)
Children: Alan George JINKS (1941-1943)
Kathleen Ann JINKS (1943- )
Janet Claire JINKS (1946- )
Frances June JINKS (1949- )
Trevor Alan JINKS (1951- )
Alana Ruth JINKS (1958- )
Marriage 6 Mar 1937 Hamilton, NSW

Husband: Alfred William Alan JINKS

Name: Alfred William Alan JINKS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1910 NSW
Death 1973 (age 62-63) Newcastle, NSW

Wife: Iris Kathleen CHARLTON

Name: Iris Kathleen CHARLTON
Sex: Female
Father: George CHARLTON (1872-1944)
Mother: Rhoda Esther HARMES (1875-1946)
Birth 25 Feb 1916 Mayfield, NSW
Death 29 May 2009 (age 93) Charlestown, NSW

Child 1: Alan George JINKS

Name: Alan George JINKS
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Jun 1941 Stockton, NSW
Death 1943 (age 1-2) Mayfield, NSW

Child 2: Kathleen Ann JINKS

Name: Kathleen Ann JINKS
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Oct 1943 Stockton, NSW

Child 3: Janet Claire JINKS

Name: Janet Claire JINKS
Sex: Female
Birth 15 Jul 1946 Stockton, NSW

Child 4: Frances June JINKS

Name: Frances June JINKS
Sex: Female
Birth 1 Jun 1949 Stockton, NSW

Child 5: Trevor Alan JINKS

Name: Trevor Alan JINKS
Sex: Male
Birth 24 Oct 1951 Stockton, NSW

Child 6: Alana Ruth JINKS

Name: Alana Ruth JINKS
Sex: Female
Birth 2 Jul 1958 Waratah, NSW

Note on Husband: Alfred William Alan JINKS

source Alana Linacre/Harry Lee

Note on Wife: Iris Kathleen CHARLTON

source Alana Linacre