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Family of William John MEAKER and Jessie CHARLTON

Husband: William John MEAKER (1900-1976)
Wife: Jessie CHARLTON (1911-1958)
Children: Trevor John MEAKER (1929-2008)
Mervyn William MEAKER (1931-2008)
Marriage 12 Nov 1927 Islington, NSW

Husband: William John MEAKER

Name: William John MEAKER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 24 May 1900 Newcastle, NSW
Death 26 Jul 1976 (age 76) Mayfield, NSW

Wife: Jessie CHARLTON

Name: Jessie CHARLTON
Sex: Female
Father: George CHARLTON (1872-1944)
Mother: Rhoda Esther HARMES (1875-1946)
Birth 13 Sep 1911 Wickham, NSW
Death 14 Sep 1958 (age 47) Newcastle, NSW

Child 1: Trevor John MEAKER

Name: Trevor John MEAKER
Sex: Male
Birth 18 Feb 1929
Death 17 May 2008 (age 79)

Child 2: Mervyn William MEAKER

Name: Mervyn William MEAKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1931
Death 2008 (age 76-77)

Note on Husband: William John MEAKER

source Alana Linacre/Julia Banyer

Note on Wife: Jessie CHARLTON

source Alana Linacre