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Beverley PILCHER's sister: Judith Mollie Doreen PILCHER (1944- )

Family of Gary Kenneth HARRIS and Beverley J PILCHER

Husband: Gary Kenneth HARRIS (1971- )
Wife: Beverley J PILCHER (1964- )
Children: Mollieann Valerie HARRIS (2005- )
Marriage 24 Sep 2005 Folkestone

Husband: Gary Kenneth HARRIS

Name: Gary Kenneth HARRIS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 22 Sep 1971 Folkestone
Occupation bricklayer

Wife: Beverley J PILCHER

Name: Beverley J PILCHER
Sex: Female
Father: Freddy A PILCHER (1913- )
Mother: Molly Doreen COPPINS (1925- )
Birth Q2 1964 Canterbury

Child 1: Mollieann Valerie HARRIS

Name: Mollieann Valerie HARRIS
Sex: Female
Birth 30 May 2005 Ashford, Kent

Note on Husband: Gary Kenneth HARRIS

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Note on Wife: Beverley J PILCHER

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