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Family of John CULLEN and Ada Ruth HARMES

Husband: John CULLEN ( - )
Wife: Ada Ruth HARMES (1873-1941)
Children: Victor John CULLEN (1908-1994)
Leslie Wilfred CULLEN (1912-1937)
Marriage 29 May 1907 Hamilton, NSW

Husband: John CULLEN

Name: John CULLEN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Ada Ruth HARMES

Name: Ada Ruth HARMES
Sex: Female
Father: Edward Henry HARMES (1839?-1903)
Mother: Sarah Elizabeth HOPPER (1838-1907)
Birth 18 Mar 1873 Muswellbrook, NSW
Death 5 Mar 1941 (age 67) Newcastle, NSW

Child 1: Victor John CULLEN

Name: Victor John CULLEN
Sex: Male
Birth 2 Jun 1908 Wickham, NSW
Death 20 Mar 1994 (age 85) Cessnock, NSW

Child 2: Leslie Wilfred CULLEN

Name: Leslie Wilfred CULLEN
Sex: Male
Birth 7 Aug 1912 Wickham, NSW
Death 1937 (age 24-25)

Note on Husband: John CULLEN

source Alana Linacre

Note on Wife: Ada Ruth HARMES

source Paul Willis/Alana Linacre