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Pauline ELLIOTT's other families: with Donald Neville GOFF (1910-1942?), unknown spouse and Robert DUFF (1904-1975)

Family of John William COOPER and Pauline May ELLIOTT

Husband: John William COOPER (1901-1945)
Wife: Pauline May ELLIOTT (1914-1994)
Marriage 7 Dec 1944 W Australia

Husband: John William COOPER

Name: John William COOPER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q3 1901 Hackney
Death 1945 (age 43-44) W Australia

Wife: Pauline May ELLIOTT

Name: Pauline May ELLIOTT
Sex: Female
Father: Samuel Frederick ELLIOTT (1887-1918)
Mother: Hilda Gertrude SUTTON (1892-1980)
Birth 22 Feb 1914 Lebong, India
Death 13 Mar 1994 (age 80) Perth, W Australia

Note on Husband: John William COOPER

free BMD/Ronald Pearce

Note on Wife: Pauline May ELLIOTT

source Ronald Pearce