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Family of Victor Harold SUTTON and Sylvia Iris PERRY

Husband: Victor Harold SUTTON (1929- )
Wife: Sylvia Iris PERRY (1932- )
Children: Julie Anne SUTTON (1955- )
Kevin John SUTTON (1958- )
Clive Harry SUTTON (1961- )
Marriage 30 Aug 1952 Hoddesdon

Husband: Victor Harold SUTTON

Name: Victor Harold SUTTON
Sex: Male
Father: Charles Henry SUTTON (1887-1964)
Mother: Rose Lily MAY (1905-1999)
Birth 26 Oct 1929 West Ham

Wife: Sylvia Iris PERRY

Name: Sylvia Iris PERRY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q2 1932 Ware

Child 1: Julie Anne SUTTON

Name: Julie Anne SUTTON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Malcolm S HILL (1955- )
Birth 21 Sep 1955 Tonbridge

Child 2: Kevin John SUTTON

Name: Kevin John SUTTON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Tomoko KIMUROU (1958?- )
Birth 14 Jan 1958 Tonbridge

Child 3: Clive Harry SUTTON

Name: Clive Harry SUTTON
Sex: Male
Birth 2 Feb 1961 Tonbridge

Note on Husband: Victor Harold SUTTON

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Note on Wife: Sylvia Iris PERRY

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