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Family of Charles Henry SUTTON and Rose Lily MAY

Husband: Charles Henry SUTTON (1887-1964)
Wife: Rose Lily MAY (1905-1999)
Children: Charles Desmond SUTTON (1927- )
Victor Harold SUTTON (1929- )
Kenneth John Basden SUTTON (1930-2009)
Stanley Terrance SUTTON (1936- )
Marriage Q3 1926 Stepney

Husband: Charles Henry SUTTON

Name: Charles Henry SUTTON 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Charles William SUTTON (1854-1907)
Mother: Jane Ann Basden FINNIS (1856-1919)
Birth 9 Feb 1887 Dover
Occupation Bombardier 109th Battery R F A (1911)
Death 10 Jun 1964 (age 77) Ware

Wife: Rose Lily MAY

Name: Rose Lily MAY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 9 Nov 1905 Stepney
Death Apr 1999 (age 93) Hailey Witney

Child 1: Charles Desmond SUTTON

Name: Charles Desmond SUTTON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Yvonne WILD (1930- )
Birth 3 Jul 1927 Stepney

Child 2: Victor Harold SUTTON

Name: Victor Harold SUTTON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sylvia Iris PERRY (1932- )
Birth 26 Oct 1929 West Ham

Child 3: Kenneth John Basden SUTTON

Name: Kenneth John Basden SUTTON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Barbara WINTERS (1931- )
Birth 23 Jul 1930 Ware
Death 16 Apr 2009 (age 78) Stevenage

Child 4: Stanley Terrance SUTTON

Name: Stanley Terrance SUTTON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sheila L COLLINS (1936?- )
Birth Q1 1936 Ware

Note on Husband: Charles Henry SUTTON (1)

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Note on Husband: Charles Henry SUTTON (2)

1911 at Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich

Note on Wife: Rose Lily MAY

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