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Mark EAST's siblings: David EAST (1954- ) and Paul EAST (1956- )

Family of Mark EAST and Sandra Dawn BUTLER

Husband: Mark EAST (1964- )
Wife: Sandra Dawn BUTLER (1967- )
Children: Cadie Christine C EAST (1989- )
Laura Leeanne L EAST (1989- )
Marriage Jul 1988 Chatham

Husband: Mark EAST

Name: Mark EAST
Sex: Male
Father: Ernest Alfred EAST (1929- )
Mother: Gwendoline S HARRIS (1932- )
Birth Q2 1964 Dartford

Wife: Sandra Dawn BUTLER

Name: Sandra Dawn BUTLER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q1 1967 Chatham

Child 1: Cadie Christine C EAST

Name: Cadie Christine C EAST
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1989 Chatham

Child 2: Laura Leeanne L EAST

Name: Laura Leeanne L EAST
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1989 Chatham

Note on Husband: Mark EAST

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Note on Wife: Sandra Dawn BUTLER

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