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Family of Edward H ARGAR and Patricia J COMPORT

Husband: Edward H ARGAR (1933- )
Wife: Patricia J COMPORT (1934- )
Children: Edward John Comport ARGAR (1977- )
Clare Louise Comport ARGAR (1979- )
Marriage Q3 1972 Battle

Husband: Edward H ARGAR

Name: Edward H ARGAR
Sex: Male
Father: Stanley John ARGAR (1904- )
Mother: Doris Ruby WARD (1907- )
Birth 6 Dec 1933 Gillingham, Kent

Wife: Patricia J COMPORT

Name: Patricia J COMPORT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q1 1934 Winchcomb

Child 1: Edward John Comport ARGAR

Name: Edward John Comport ARGAR
Sex: Male
Birth 9 Dec 1977 Ashford, Kent

Child 2: Clare Louise Comport ARGAR

Name: Clare Louise Comport ARGAR
Sex: Female
Birth 20 Sep 1979 New Romney

Note on Husband: Edward H ARGAR

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Note on Wife: Patricia J COMPORT

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