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Family of Andrew John HATTON and Susanne COONEY

Husband: Andrew John HATTON (1967- )
Wife: Susanne COONEY (1967?- )
Children: James HATTON (1990-1997)
Ryan HATTON (1991- )
Niamh HATTON (1999- )
Marriage 1990

Husband: Andrew John HATTON

Name: Andrew John HATTON
Sex: Male
Father: John M HATTON (1938- )
Mother: Anthea M SNEDDON (1938?- )
Birth Q4 1967 Westminster

Wife: Susanne COONEY

Name: Susanne COONEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1967 (app)

Child 1: James HATTON

Name: James HATTON
Sex: Male
Birth 1990 Malton
Death 1997 (age 6-7)

Child 2: Ryan HATTON

Name: Ryan HATTON
Sex: Male
Birth 1991 Malton

Child 3: Niamh HATTON

Name: Niamh HATTON
Sex: Female
Birth 1999 Malton

Note on Husband: Andrew John HATTON

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Note on Wife: Susanne COONEY

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