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Family of John A PORT and Rosemary W FINNIS

Husband: John A PORT (1930- )
Wife: Rosemary W FINNIS (1935- )
Children: Alison R PORT (1962- )
David J PORT (1965- )
Marriage Q3 1958 Sittingbourne

Husband: John A PORT

Name: John A PORT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q2 1930 Milton, Kent

Wife: Rosemary W FINNIS

Name: Rosemary W FINNIS
Sex: Female
Father: Percy Lionel Ernest FINNIS (1921-1997)
Mother: Molly P EVERETT (1921?- )
Birth Q1 1935 Milton, Kent

Child 1: Alison R PORT

Name: Alison R PORT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Kevin A WHYMAN (1962?- )
Birth Q2 1962 Sittingbourne

Child 2: David J PORT

Name: David J PORT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Carolyn A LANE (1965?- )
Birth Q1 1965 Sittingbourne

Note on Husband: John A PORT

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Note on Wife: Rosemary W FINNIS

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