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Ian MILLS's other family: with Patricia DACUS (1955- )
Ian MILLS's sister: Elfreda MILLS (1942- )

Family of Ian Frederick MILLS and Cynthia SMITH

Husband: Ian Frederick MILLS (1947- )
Wife: Cynthia SMITH (1952?- )
Children: Paul Robert MILLS (1977- )
Brian Douglas MILLS (1979- )
Marriage Q3 1974 Watford

Husband: Ian Frederick MILLS

Name: Ian Frederick MILLS
Sex: Male
Father: Frederick Arthur MILLS (1915-1989)
Mother: Emily RUTHERFORD (1914- )
Birth 5 Oct 1947 Chorleywood

Wife: Cynthia SMITH

Name: Cynthia SMITH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1952 (app) USA

Child 1: Paul Robert MILLS

Name: Paul Robert MILLS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emily Jean COOK (1978?- )
Birth 10 Oct 1977 Kansas City

Child 2: Brian Douglas MILLS

Name: Brian Douglas MILLS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lisa MCCALL (1979?- )
Birth 2 Oct 1979 Johnson County, Kansas

Note on Husband: Ian Frederick MILLS

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Note on Wife: Cynthia SMITH

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