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Terence RIDLEY's brother: Antony David RIDLEY (1957- )

Family of Terence P RIDLEY and Shirley A DAVIS

Husband: Terence P RIDLEY (1962- )
Wife: Shirley A DAVIS (1962?- )
Children: Sean Terence RIDLEY (1985- )
Marriage Q4 1981 Enfield

Husband: Terence P RIDLEY

Name: Terence P RIDLEY
Sex: Male
Father: William George RIDLEY (1931-2007)
Mother: June D ENGLISH (1935- )
Birth Q3 1962 Edmonton

Wife: Shirley A DAVIS

Name: Shirley A DAVIS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1962 (app)

Child 1: Sean Terence RIDLEY

Name: Sean Terence RIDLEY
Sex: Male
Birth Apr 1985 Enfield

Note on Husband: Terence P RIDLEY

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Note on Wife: Shirley A DAVIS

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