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Family of Michael William David POOLE and Diane Ruth ELLIOTT

Husband: Michael William David POOLE (1938- )
Wife: Diane Ruth ELLIOTT (1941- )
Children: Karen Jane POOLE (1963- )
Andrew David POOLE (1964- )
Stephen John POOLE (1966- )
Marriage 27 Aug 1960 Bristol

Husband: Michael William David POOLE

Name: Michael William David POOLE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 10 May 1938 Bristol

Wife: Diane Ruth ELLIOTT

Name: Diane Ruth ELLIOTT
Sex: Female
Father: Percy John ELLIOTT (1908-1967)
Mother: Winfred Gladys BOWLES (1908-1988)
Birth 6 Apr 1941 Valetta, Malta

Child 1: Karen Jane POOLE

Name: Karen Jane POOLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Simon David AYRES (1967- )
Birth 5 Sep 1963 Basingstoke

Child 2: Andrew David POOLE

Name: Andrew David POOLE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Samantha CLACK (1966- )
Birth 7 Oct 1964 Basingstoke

Child 3: Stephen John POOLE

Name: Stephen John POOLE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rachael Joy THOMPSON (1970- )
Birth 5 Jan 1966 Aden

Note on Husband: Michael William David POOLE

source Carolyn Pearce

Note on Wife: Diane Ruth ELLIOTT

source Carolyn Pearce