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Josephine COSTANTINO's brother: Anthony Roy COSTANTINO (1945- )

Family of Kenneth Raymond GREGORY and Josephine COSTANTINO

Husband: Kenneth Raymond GREGORY (1943- )
Wife: Josephine COSTANTINO (1942- )
Children: Stephen Kenneth GREGORY (1966- )
David Vincent GREGORY (1969- )
Marriage 1 Sep 1963 Chingford

Husband: Kenneth Raymond GREGORY

Name: Kenneth Raymond GREGORY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q4 1943 Chingford

Wife: Josephine COSTANTINO

Name: Josephine COSTANTINO
Sex: Female
Father: Antonio COSTANTINO (1915-1971)
Mother: Doris Estelle EVANS (1919-2001)
Birth 3 Jun 1942 Walthamstow

Child 1: Stephen Kenneth GREGORY

Name: Stephen Kenneth GREGORY
Sex: Male
Birth 10 May 1966 Chadwell Heath

Child 2: David Vincent GREGORY

Name: David Vincent GREGORY
Sex: Male
Birth 29 Mar 1969 Chadwell Heath

Note on Husband: Kenneth Raymond GREGORY

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Note on Wife: Josephine COSTANTINO

free BMD/David Ranson