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Family of Charles John EVANS and Martha Ann BURROUGHS

Husband: Charles John EVANS (1879-1953)
Wife: Martha Ann BURROUGHS (1880?-1950)
Children: Charles John EVANS (1904-1993)
James Henry EVANS (1907- )
Henry William EVANS (1908- )
Sidney Frederick EVANS (1912-1993)
Arthur William EVANS (1919-1987)
Marriage Q2 1904 Southwark

Husband: Charles John EVANS

Name: Charles John EVANS 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Charles EVANS (1852-1905)
Mother: Elizabeth FINNIS (1853-1898)
Birth 21 Sep 1879 Stepney
Baptism 12 Oct 1879 (age 0) St Dunstan and All Saints
Occupation Mineral Water Van Traveller (1911)
Death Q2 1953 (age 73) Romford

Wife: Martha Ann BURROUGHS

Name: Martha Ann BURROUGHS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1880 (app) Barking
Death Q3 1950 (age 69-70) Ilford

Child 1: Charles John EVANS

Name: Charles John EVANS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Justina Fanny MCNAUGHTON (1903-1994)
Birth 15 Sep 1904 Barking
Death Feb 1993 (age 88) Havering

Child 2: James Henry EVANS

Name: James Henry EVANS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Olive Beatrice PIPER (1904-1995)
Birth Q1 1907 Barking

Child 3: Henry William EVANS

Name: Henry William EVANS
Sex: Male
Birth Q3 1908 Barking

Child 4: Sidney Frederick EVANS

Name: Sidney Frederick EVANS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Annie MILLS (1911-2006)
Birth 28 Dec 1912 Barking
Death 10 Feb 1993 (age 80) Campsea Ashe

Child 5: Arthur William EVANS

Name: Arthur William EVANS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Marjorie WAKENSHAW (1919-1998)
Birth 5 Nov 1919 Romford
Death 31 Mar 1987 (age 67) North Shields

Note on Husband: Charles John EVANS (1)

free BMD/census1891/1911/baptism record

Note on Husband: Charles John EVANS (2)

1911 at 27 St Marys Road, Barking.

Note on Wife: Martha Ann BURROUGHS (1)

free BMD/census 1911

Note on Wife: Martha Ann BURROUGHS (2)

Previously married to Michael O'Connor (Q2 1899).


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2free BMD/1891 census