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David BARRY's sister: Beatrice Dorothy BARRY (1904- )

Family of David Allen BARRY and Constance Myra PAKEMAN

Husband: David Allen BARRY (1906- )
Wife: Constance Myra PAKEMAN (1910- )
Children: Angela Susan BARRY (1932- )
Marriage 12 Jun 1931 Cairo

Husband: David Allen BARRY

Name: David Allen BARRY
Sex: Male
Father: William Henry BARRY (1877- )
Mother: Winifred Gertrude BUCKNALL (1880- )
Birth Q4 1906 Blisworth

Wife: Constance Myra PAKEMAN

Name: Constance Myra PAKEMAN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q2 1910 Ilford

Child 1: Angela Susan BARRY

Name: Angela Susan BARRY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Peter Huddy Browne PREW (1926- )
Birth 1932 Port Said

Note on Husband: David Allen BARRY (1)

free BMD/census 1911

Note on Husband: David Allen BARRY (2)

1911 at Blisworth Rectory.

Note on Wife: Constance Myra PAKEMAN

free BMD/Angela Barry