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Family of Frederick William CLARRY and Mary Ann FINNIS

Husband: Frederick William CLARRY (1851-1892)
Wife: Mary Ann FINNIS (1855-1942)
Children: Frederick Alfred CLARRY (1877-1937)
Herbert Josiah CLARRY (1879-1939)
Arthur Alexander CLARRY (1881-1963)
George Henry CLARRY (1884-1931)
William John CLARRY (1887-1920)
Arthur Henry CLARRY (1875-1878)
Marriage 13 Sep 1874 St Thomas, Bethnal Green

Husband: Frederick William CLARRY

Name: Frederick William CLARRY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q2 1851 Sudbury
Death Q1 1892 (age 40) Hackney

Wife: Mary Ann FINNIS

Name: Mary Ann FINNIS
Sex: Female
Father: Henry FINNIS (1825-1902)
Mother: Mary Ann JAY (1827-1887)
Birth 10 Jul 1855 Shoreditch
Baptism 29 Jul 1855 (age 0) St Matthew, Bethnal Green
Occupation laundress (1901)
Death Q2 1942 (age 86) Brentwood

Child 1: Frederick Alfred CLARRY

Name: Frederick Alfred CLARRY
Sex: Male
Birth Q3 1877 Shoreditch
Occupation Occupations warehouseman (1901) and tram conductor (1911).
Death Q3 1937 (age 59-60) Bethnal Green

Child 2: Herbert Josiah CLARRY

Name: Herbert Josiah CLARRY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Louisa EDEN (1875- )
Birth Q1 1879 Hackney
Occupation railway porter (1901), shunter (1911)
Death Q1 1939 (age 59-60) Essex S W

Child 3: Arthur Alexander CLARRY

Name: Arthur Alexander CLARRY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Ann WOOD (1879-1955)
Birth Q2 1881 Hackney
Occupation cotton warehouseman (1911)
Death Q3 1963 (age 82) Brentwood

Child 4: George Henry CLARRY

Name: George Henry CLARRY
Sex: Male
Birth Q4 1884 Hackney
Occupation apprentice piano maker (1901)
Death Q1 1931 (age 46) Hackney

Child 5: William John CLARRY

Name: William John CLARRY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edith M HARDEN (1891-1920)
Birth Q4 1887 Hackney
Occupation clerk (1901)
Death Q2 1920 (age 32) Hackney

Child 6: Arthur Henry CLARRY

Name: Arthur Henry CLARRY
Sex: Male
Birth Q4 1875 Shoreditch
Death Q1 1878 (age 2) Hackney

Note on Husband: Frederick William CLARRY

London Marriages and Banns/free BMD

Note on Wife: Mary Ann FINNIS (1)

free BMD/census 1861/London Births and Baptisms

Note on Wife: Mary Ann FINNIS (2)

On 1861 census, living at 25 Parker Street, Hackney.

Note on Wife: Mary Ann FINNIS (3)

On 1881 census, living at 17 Bay Street, Hackney.

Note on Wife: Mary Ann FINNIS (4)

On 1891 census, living at 19 Presburg Street, Hackney.

Note on Wife: Mary Ann FINNIS (5)

On 1901 census, living at 3 Etropot Road, Hackney.

Note on Wife: Mary Ann FINNIS (6)

On 1911 census, living at 41 Elderfield Road, Clapton.