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Family of Albert Edward HUTCHINSON and Emily Elizabeth FINNIS

Husband: Albert Edward HUTCHINSON (1905-1983)
Wife: Emily Elizabeth FINNIS (1905-1968)
Children: Doreen HUTCHINSON (1932-2013)
Marriage Q2 1930 Brentford

Husband: Albert Edward HUTCHINSON

Name: Albert Edward HUTCHINSON 1,2
Sex: Male
Nickname: Bert
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 13 Jan 1905 Fulham
Death 18 Sep 1983 (age 78) Chichester
Occupation -; Panel Beater

Wife: Emily Elizabeth FINNIS

Name: Emily Elizabeth FINNIS 1,3
Sex: Female
Nickname: Emmie
Father: James Henry B FINNIS (1880-1941)
Mother: Amelia Victoria HUNTLEY (1882-1941)
Birth 22 May 1905 Acton Green
Death Q4 1968 (age 63) Ealing
Occupation singer/pianist

Child 1: Doreen HUTCHINSON

Name: Doreen HUTCHINSON 1,2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Cyril George CHAPLIN (1926- )
Birth 3 Sep 1932 Brentford
Death 3 Jun 2013 (age 80)

Note on Husband: Albert Edward HUTCHINSON (1)

free BMD/Julie Chaplin

Note on Husband: Albert Edward HUTCHINSON (2)

Died of prostate cancer and senile dementia.

Note on Wife: Emily Elizabeth FINNIS (1)

free BMD/Thomasina Horne/Julie Chaplin

Note on Wife: Emily Elizabeth FINNIS (2)

1911 at 63 Antrobus Road, Acton Green.


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2free BMD/Julie Chaplin
3free BMD/Thomasina Horne/Julie Chaplin